Chalkboard writing animations

Annotations and animations Logic: You would normally do this by grouping an object to the end of the rectangle. However, that would lock the object, which would not suit if you wanted to add another animation to it, such as a spin Emphasis.

Chalkboard writing animations

Various studies have shown clear cut advantages and disadvantages for either of these. Against this background an experimental study was carried out in Government Medical College, Idukki to test the hypothesis whether traditional media of teaching like chalkboard is more effective than power point presentation for conducting lectures in Forensic Medicine.

The same selected topic in Forensic Medicine was taught through a lecture using chalkboard to the first group and power point presentation to the second. An objective test paper and questionnaire were administered to either group after each lecture session to evaluate the marks scored and record the subjective responses respectively.

Results were statistically analyzed and compared. Based on the analysis of response to subjective indicators in the questionnaire, it was found that lecture using chalkboard was unequivocally and definitely more appealing to students.

Animating PowerPoint with annotations

However when marks obtained for the test papers were compared between the two groups, the difference was found to be statistically insignificant. In other words there seemed to be no statistically significant difference at an objective level Objective To compare the effectiveness of lecture using chalkboard and power point presentation as a teaching learning medium in the subject of Forensic medicine.

Background of the Study Lectures have been and continue to be a time tested teaching learning method to impart knowledge and skills to a larger group of students despite its disadvantages including being too teacher centric and lacking in student interaction and participation.

Notwithstanding its criticisms, lectures if conducted in an effective way assisted by appropriate teaching-learning media, can certainly go a long way in not only providing quality education in the medical field but also as a means of improvement and personality development for the teacher.

Over the years a number of teaching media have been conventionally used to assist the lecturer in medical education.


Two most important and promising media that have made a huge impact in the field of education is by and large the chalkboard and Power point presentation. Power point presentation being a newer electronically devised method for presentation of material in the computer age has of lately made deep in-roads into the domain of medical teaching.

Chalkboard being around for a phenomenally longer time has stood the test of time as a resourceful and dependable companion to any teacher who wishes to put it to best use. According to one study the traditional classes with chalkboard presentation were most favoured by students from medicine and biomedicine courses.

In a study on the comparison of lecture delivery methods amongst medical students versus dental students, medical students preferred the use of PPT Chalk board was not much appreciated by medical students The dental students did not prefer PPT mainly because the PPT contained too much material and the lectures were delivered too fast.

The main reason for liking the chalkboard are that the student-teacher interaction is better, it encourages taking down notes and diagrams, as the student follows the hand of the teacher. Main reason for disliking this technique is that poor handwriting is not legible and sometimes the blackboard is dirty.

At times the chalk is faulty and it soils the clothes. Main reasons for disliking PPT presentations are that it needs the room to be darkened and takes longer to set up the projection and any power failure interrupts the lecture. What students need to know is reduced to a bulleted list of five items described in five words or less.

Do they hint at the complex relationships that exist between and amongst items on that list? Do they promote critical thinking? A good teacher knows to start at a basic point of the course which students can understand and then lead them gradually through new and more difficult points.The Web Accessibility team, in IST's Architecture, Platforms, and Integration (IST-API), assists UC Berkeley departments in making campus websites accessible to people with disabilities.

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Specifically, we’ll be taking a look at using PowerPoint ’s “Artistic Effects” to be able first modify Pictures to match the chalkboard style, and then how to make Graphs and Charts match the chalkboard style.

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chalkboard writing animations

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