Persuasive speech exotic animals as pets

This is because of the fear that rearing the pets may be dangerous to them and other people as well. Also, some feel that they do not have the relevant skills on how to care for such animals. As a result, cats and dogs are the most common pets you can find in many homes.

Persuasive speech exotic animals as pets

What Makes You Sick? On a blustery and frigid evening in early December, Professor Paul Ewald is huddled inside an auditorium with a group of 30 Amherst College students.

Another suggests the seasonal variation in births of autistic children is a reason to suspect that an infection during pregnancy induces the disease.

Like most students of science, I was taught that statistical associations are soft science: To back up his arguments, Ewald goes beyond curious associations such as those found for multiple sclerosis and autism, and argues his case from an evolutionary point of view: Diseases such as cancer, heart disease, and even schizophrenia and obsessive-compulsive disorder are too common to be caused primarily by bad genes, Ewald claims.

Natural selection, he says, should have weeded those genes out of the population long ago. Instead, some genes might merely be making people more susceptible to infectious organisms, which are the true culprits of chronic disease … But Ewald is more like a lone wolf than the leader of a pack.

Any mammal would have a selective disadvantage if it tended to destroy itself when invaded by micro-organisms. The increasing number of people who are color blind to various degrees can be pointed to as an example of the survival of defects, but this does not apply to our response to parasites: Humans have substantially reduced their chances of coming in contact with macro — predators such as tigers; and this security has been with us for at least 10, years — plenty of time for the effect to show itself of no penalty for not being able to distinguish green from yellow.

This is not the case with micro — predators.

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Polio, diphtheria, syphillis, tuberculosis, and HIV have wrecked havoc on us within the last hundred years. For every smallpox we put down, it seems that ten more species of pathogens rise in its place.

It was only in the 19th century that the germ theory of disease began to be accepted; and, even today, genetic tendencies and environmental stresses are the preferred explanations.

In the 19th century, for example, doctors at the University of Vienna hospital had their collegue Semmelweis fired because he cut the maternity death rate of one mother for every eight admissions to one in thirty by having the staff on his ward wash their hands.

In the past few decades, a handful of cancers have been unquestionably linked to infections. Take the case of cervical cancer and the human papilloma virus HPVfor example.

The Centers for Disease Control reports that the sexually transmitted virus is responsible for as much as 93 percent of all cases of cervical cancer. But because most women infected with HPV never develop cervical cancer the CDC estimates that 20 million Americans carry the virusand the cancer takes years to kick in — characteristics very uncharacteristic of infectious disease — figuring out the connection took years.

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These and other viruses are responsible for between 15 and 20 percent of all cancers. The rest, say most scientists, can be blamed on rogue genes and non-infectious environmental factors such as diet and smoking. His reasoning, backed up by mathematical calculations, goes something like this: Older people are still subject to natural selection after they stop reproducing because they pass on their care and wisdom to their children and grandchildren as in some societies where grandmothers are responsible for preparing food.

Over many generations, children with grandparents will prevail over children without grandparents whose genes presumably made them more vulnerable to disease.

Studies have shown that people with a gene called APO E4 appear to be more susceptible to both diseases. But Ewald argues that a faulty gene is too prevalent between 10 and 50 percent of a given population carries APO E4 to have been conserved through evolution, and that it is merely making people more susceptible to infection.

An airborne bacterium that infects the respiratory system, Chlamydia pneumoniae, may be one of the real culprits. This percentage was significantly higher than the percentage in the control serums from people who had not had heart attacks.

The journal initially rejected the paper, and it was only after some reviewers pressured the journal that they finally published it. One of the problems, says Hudson, is that identifying the organism is very difficult and the slightest deviation in established protocol can throw off results.

To this, Ewald responds: One can never jump to the conclusion that infection is not important just because we find genes and environment are important. That kind of thinking has been responsible for a lot of death over the past 40 years. Using histological analysis, the gold standard test for h.

Scientists found that E. Bacteria use extracellular fibers, called curli, to colonize surfaces and mediate interactions with proteins in host cells. The discovery of bacterial amyloids gives researchers a new tool for investigating the details of how amyloids form in humans and for developing drugs to block their formation.

Louis, Missouri, led the study. The researchers used biochemical, biophysical, and imaging analyses to determine that the curli fibers produced by E. They found differences as well as similarities between bacterial fibers and those associated with human disease.

Amyloids in humans, for example, seem to assemble spontaneously, while bacteria have a specific machinery designed to assemble curli fibers.Port Manteaux churns out silly new words when you feed it an idea or two. Enter a word (or two) above and you'll get back a bunch of portmanteaux created by jamming together words that are conceptually related to your inputs..

For example, enter "giraffe" and you'll get . Animals Today November 17, Greyhound racing to end in Florida. California Prop 12 passes, easing cruel conditions for some farmed animals.

To me, it’s why I oppose is simple. Yes, when you get the best traits of both wolf and dog in one animal, it’s a wonderful creature, but it’s just as likely you will get the worst traits of both, which is a disaster for the animal and all the people around it.

Persuasive speech exotic animals as pets

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Persuasive speech exotic animals as pets

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